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    SOME things are just to good to let go unmentioned, and this is one of them!
    Such joyous schadenfreude has caused even me to make note here in the most appropriate of places.

    Those here who have long memories will remember the efforts apparently homophobic and now Richmond CEO BRENDAN GALE went to some time back to try to shut GAYFOOTY down, …”because it posted inappropriate photos of players with their shirts off.”
    So it is with great glee that I now watch him squirm and go all tight-lipped when it appears that ONE OF HIS OWN players in his precious Premiership pack has now publicly posted a pic. of some tart posing topless whilst she was wearing a Premiership medal.
    It’s great to see him hopping from foot to foot like a grasshopper on hot bricks, and trying to maintain his mantra of how “Richmond respects women” πŸ™„ and all that usual PC palava.
    Karma with a capital “K” mate,…and I for one am really enjoying your obvious misery.

    Now what sort of dumb broad would get her tits out for such a photo to be taken and not think it would “get out”?
    (And this time it’s NOT even Lara Bingle! Or Fevola!)
    And why all the mystery for police to track down just who-dunnit?
    Just ask the silly b. who it was that took the photo!
    Stand by for Gale to have to publicly go through the motions of pretending to take stern disciplinary actions against one of his own players when the facts are finally revealed. πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„
    What you put out always comes back to get you in the end, and it may have taken a while, but suffer mate….suffer! 😈 😈 😈 😈




    And it keeps on giving….now this gem!
    “The Victorian businesswoman who was instrumental in the birth of the AFL’s women’s league has labelled Richmond FC’s leaked topless photo scandal β€œdisgusting” and called for players to be better educated on gender equality.”
    Er…”gender EQUALITY”????
    Men are shown topless all the time, …she’s shown topless…THAT IS GENDER EQUALITY !
    Being forced to cover up is what is discriminatory!

    And seriously now, the dumb broad…(or is she really a very calculating one, going for maximum media “exposure”? ) is photographed in front of the Richmond logo on the wall.
    So what was she hoping for?
    Just exactly what she’s now getting I’m game to bet! No such thing as bad publicity?

    This is nothing but yet another media attempt to portray men as predatory beasts ever ready to take advantage of poor defenseless women.
    She wasn’t drugged, then tied up and her top forcibly removed before the photo was taken!
    It’s plainly obviously she posed WILLINGLY, and as anybody knows (including several footballers from both codes) such photos invariably become public property.
    So you don’t want to appear on the net naked?
    Then keep your tits covered up and you won’t!



    Hasn’t it gone quiet?
    I reckon it would be worth a look under the carpet in Brendan Gale’s office right now……. 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈



    And in apparently a final note, police say the case has now been dropped, “at the request of the female involved”.
    I smell a rat. A BIG one too!
    It has been reported that the name of the player who took the photo was known to police, …and you can be sure they informed Richmond of his identity.

    Who wants to bet quite a LARGE sum of MONEY changed hands to persuade her to withdraw the matter, after Richmond found out the guilty party was one of their very best players they’d have to suspend?
    Now no names are released and no one has to be seen to be publicly dealt with.

    She’s got her maximum publicity, and also quite a tidy little sum to boot!

    Cynical me wonders if that could that have been her motivation all along? πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„



    So Richmond didn’t count on the AFL stepping and insisting justice be seen to be done? (More social agendering by that group, rather than concentrating on running a footy comp?)
    So Nathan BROAD….(you just can’t make up suitable names like that!)…gets a three match suspension.

    NOTE that no one ever blames a woman for anything, ..it invariably has to be some man’s fault. She majorly contributed to her own ensuing humiliation, ..if indeed any was actually felt at all…which I seriously doubt.
    Everybody has a camera right at hand these days.
    Hopefully the end of the story….as an off-season sex scandal, it rates very poorly.

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