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    The Footy Show’s Sam Newman has again provoked outrage, this time over his comments about Caitlyn Jenner. On Wednesday night’s program Billy Brownless showed the former footballer a picture of Jenner, asking if he knew who Caitlyn is, to which Newman replied “I know who he… it is. I do.”

    Newman followed up with “Oh well what is she? Is it a ‘he’ or a ‘she’? Still got the bloody…” at which point host Rebecca Maddern interrupted saying “He is a she now”.

    Social media has been filled with outcry over the incident, with many calling for the former Geelong footballer to resign and for the Footy Show to be boycotted.

    Some of the most vocal criticism came from the wife of a prominent AFL player who said she wouldn’t remain silent on such an important issue.

    In a series of tweets, social commentator Annie Nolan, the wife of Western Bulldogs’ star Liam Picken, said she wouldn’t hold her tongue any longer.

    “Despite my love and best efforts to support my husband, I’ve had people blame me and other partners for disappointing football results,” she said.

    “There’s an unspoken code do be quiet because of unwanted pressure and attention.

    “But the trans community have far more unwanted pressure and attention. Especially after the transphobia I saw on [The AFL Footy Show] last night,” she said.

    “I’m sick of seeing bullies on football shows offending and isolating communities from our game. This land’s game.”

    Newman’s Footy Show gaffe could cost Nine $2 million a year
    Nolan said all those affiliated with the Channel Nine program “should be disgusted with last night’s show.”

    “Forget a half baked apology. We need you to change!”

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